Time for a great escape to Maine to improve my state of mind

Escape to Maine to improve my state of mind!

I have an office job that I’ve had for thirty-four years.  I’m the manager.  Out of 10 client calls that come to me, only one is glowingly good.  The other nine have varying degrees of problems.  Some can be vitriolic, others are more ‘matter of fact’.  So I’m sitting here at my desk going through the normal routines when I received the notification to call a client who was experiencing a problem.  After calling and then resolving his issues, I took note of his unmistakable accent.  It was somewhat folksy, but genuine and down to earth and distinctly northern.  It was an accent that I now know as being someone from the State of Maine.  Upon confirming where he was from, I was instantly taken back to a fantastic R-tinerary trip.  The trip to Acadia National Park in Maine and I forgot all about my work woes.

When comparing geographic notes, my client was very familiar with Southwest Harbor in Maine.  This is where we had visited.  My customer remarked that his son used to take the ferry out of Bass Harbor, just down the road, out to the island where he lived some 8 miles offshore!  The friendly people we met in Maine and their unique sense of humor, the ‘lobster pounds’, the hiking, the cycling, the local craft beers, the range of colors with the turning of the leaves and the crisp night air in Maine that was such a welcome relief from the oppressive heat and humidity of Florida where we live all made it a fantastic fall vacation.

Oh, my!  It’s  so hard to believe that our trip to Maine was almost four months ago already.  It’s time to go on another escape.  I need to go for another escape… I feel like Chevy Chase in the scene out of Christmas Vacation when he is looking out the window and seeing that yet to be built swimming pool and thinking that is my state of mind!  Oh, how I love to travel!

See our itinerary for Acadia National Park and Southwest Harbor,Maine 










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