How did R-tinerary come about?

It all started because two friends who love to travel didn’t want to become the typical tourist. We love to travel, but we’re not interested in a tour bus for a week with strangers; we needed an adventure! Along the way, we have talked with many people who neither have the time nor energy to plow through tons of information to plan their trips, their activities, where to stay, dining options, how to get there…the list goes on…  We love to do these things and are confident with our plans, you will love to travel, too!

How is R-tinerary different from travel planners?

We have experienced these trips! We know what works and what doesn’t. Hotels, airlines or tours do not sponsor R-tinerary. We want to help you love traveling as much as we do, in an unbiased way.

What style of trip itinerary is best for me?

  • Got a Few Days are trip itineraries from 3 to 5 days. Of course, you can extend your trip and we offer lots of options if you have the time.
  • Good Times and Tan Lines are trip itineraries near the water and sun. These trips offer both outdoor activities and relaxation choices.
  • Time for an Adventure are trip itineraries between 7 and 10 days in North America and include plenty of activities for families, friends, and couples.
  • Stamp Your Passport are overseas trip itineraries usually 10 to 14 days in length. These include site seeing opportunities, great restaurants, and tips on traveling within Europe.

What is the cost of the trip itineraries?

The prices vary according to the length of trip and locations:

  • Got a Few Days $10.00
  • Good Times and Tan Lines $20.00
  • Time for an Adventure $20.00
  • Stamp Your Passport $22.00

What types of accommodations are listed on the trip itineraries?

The accommodations vary depending on the location. Some itineraries include 5-star resorts, while others include local inns. It really depends on the location and what’s available in the area. R-tinerary provides you with our full itinerary and then recommendations for other places to stay. We have not been to these recommended places, but hope to in the future.

What sort of adventures are suggested on R-tinerary trips?

We have hiked, biked, sailed, kayaked, tasted great foods and enjoyed many fabulous wines. And we have gone spelunking, participated in photography tours, spied wild animals, caught trophy fish and driven spectacular roads. We have shopped unique places, visited museums and historical sites, but most importantly our eyes have been opened to this beautiful world we live in.  We would like to help you see the world, too!

How does it work?

You simply select your trip; purchase the trip on PayPal, Visa or Mastercard and your R-tinerary trip will be emailed to you so you can download the adventure. Please Note: You have 24 hours to download your trip itinerary.

Does R-tinerary make a reservation for me?

No, we provide phone numbers, website information, and addresses so the reservation can be easily made by you.

Are R-tinerary trips for active travelers only?

No way!  We have options on each itinerary for active travelers and those who want a more relaxing trip.

Can I view the trips before I purchase it?

No, we do offer a free trip itinerary on our site to help you better gauge how they are designed.

Has R-tinerary really been to the locations?

Absolutely, and most of the locations we would like to visit again.

Will R-tinerary add more trips?

For sure! The more we travel the more trip itineraries we will add.

Where did the R-tinerary website pictures come from?

We took them! These are actual photos from our trips.

Do hotels, tours companies, restaurants, rental cars, credit card companies or any other businesses pay R-tinerary to promote their business?

No Way! We only provide the information we have experienced without bias from sponsorship. Now, if a company decides they like us, we would love for them to tell others about R-tinerary!

How much would the actual trip cost? 

There are too many variables for us to answer this one. For example: Are you flying to the location or driving? Will rent a car or use your own? Will you stay where we stayed or opt for a five-star hotel? Will you eat your meals in or enjoy local spots? You can adjust our itineraries to meet your personal needs.

Will the ‘Other Recommendations’ become outdated?

We review our itineraries regularly to make sure they include the most current information. Restaurants and lodging come and go and we want to provide you with an opportunity for the best experience.

What mobile platform does R-tinerary support?

All of them, iOS, Android, PC’s and Mac.

Do I need to create an account?

No, but it will be an easy way for you to keep track of your trips.

How do I contact R-Tinerary?


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