Florida Girls Driving in Winter Conditions in Colorado

We are a group of 3 friends from Central Florida who made a last minute decision to do a girl’s ski trip. After a lot of research, we chose Keystone to be the place for this year’s trip. I had skied here several years ago several times and remembered it being a very nice experience.  Not having our husbands along, my biggest concern was probably driving in winter conditions, since none of us had much experience driving in snow or ice.

Given that we picked a lodging option that was within walking distance of the ski lifts, we really only had to drive to and from Keystone.  We could use the free shuttle in the resort to get around if we were not able to walk there.  When we arrived in Denver, it was actually warmer there than Orlando, Florida where we flew out of.  Needless to say the drive to Keystone was not too harrowing.  Google maps chose the Loveland Pass route for us to get to Keystone. And we were really glad that we were able to make this scenic drive in nicer weather.

We had a great 4 days of skiing and  snowshoeing.   Not to mention enjoying the great brews Colorado has to offer. While the weather was colder than we had hoped for, the ski slopes were perfect in condition.  There was plenty of  fresh powder and no ice on the slopes.   Being that we arrived the Saturday after Presidents Day weekend, there were no real waits for  ski lifts. We truly lucked out there!  It was quite  cold most of  the days we were there, but we layered up and made the most of it.

On the morning that we were to leave, we listened to the weather  report and the weatherman reported that the Eisenhower Tunnel was closed on the eastbound side due to icy conditions. Fortunately, the westbound  side was not closed, as this was really our only option that day to get back to Denver.  We decided to leave a little earlier than planned in anticipation of having to drive slowly. It was probably one of the most treacherous driving experiences I have yet to encounter with blowing snow, icy roads, and lots of wind gusts.  Fortunately traffic was not too bad and we were able to drive quite a bit slower than the speed limit and we made it safely to the airport.


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