Acadia National Park & Southwest Harbor, Maine

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Acadia National Park and the outlying coastal villages are charming and beautiful. There is so much to do and see in this area of Maine including hiking, biking, whale-watching, lobster boat tours, sailing, shopping, kayaking, and more.  The people of Maine are warm and friendly and the seafood and especially the lobsters are out-of-this-world.  This part of Maine is a place to add to your bucket list!


Want a long weekend away near a National Park in the beautiful state of Maine?  Acadia National Park is a great option.  Acadia National Park is a 47,000-acre recreation area that is primarily on Maine’s Mount Desert Island.  Its landscape is marked by woodlands, rocky beaches and glacier-scoured granite peaks like Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest point on the United States’ East Coast.  Bar Harbor is the most well-known bayside town with numerous restaurants and shops in the area.

On this R-tinerary trip, enjoy many fabulous restaurants and ‘lobster pounds’.  Feast on some of the many incredible tastes of the region, like fresh seafood straight from the boats off the docks.  Take in the incredible views from high atop one of the many mountain-tops like Cadillac or Sargent Mountain.  Enjoy hiking and biking, taking in the sites in Acadia, shopping in Bar Harbor, or just relaxing on the waterfront.

Visit the charming and quaint town of Southwest Harbor, Maine.  It is located just west of the southern entrance to Somes Sound on Mount Desert Island.  Southwest Harbor has some great shops, galleries, and eateries that are definitely worth checking out.  Many people choose to stay here during their visit to Acadia National Park, as it is more relaxed and has many options for accommodations.

Acadia is just a short, easy drive from Bangor International Airport.  There are many lovely coastal towns in the area each with their own character and charm.  In the summer season, the park offers shuttle services throughout the park from Bar Harbor.

If you want a great escape in a lovely setting, this could be the trip for you.  R-tinerary has been to Acadia and to Southwest Harbor, Maine and we would love to share our trip with you.

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51 reviews for Acadia National Park & Southwest Harbor, Maine

  1. Brenda H.

    Easy-peasy…yep, these plans were perfect!

  2. Debbie D.

    Too active for us.

  3. Connie D.

    Wish that I had found this site sooner. Made my planning simple for our trip to Acadia. Can’t wait to try another itinerary.

  4. Brian and Denise J.

    The carriage trails on bikes was the best! These plans explain the logistics of biking the trails.

  5. Gene B.

    We have done a couple dozen national parks and this may be our favorite. Ocean scenery, great hiking with views, incredible lakes plus history. The bike/carriage trails were fabulous.

  6. Marnie S.

    What i loved about Acadia in comparison to other parks is that there is no comparison! It is very unique and has beauty that can be populated and shared or found in quiet solitude. You just have to see for yourself! Small elevation with spectacular views. The hikes are harder than you think so wear good gear. We traveled as a couple.

  7. Gina S.

    We’d do this trip again! Why? Location! If you want to avoid the crowds and congestion of Bar Harbor, this is the place for you. Quiet, but still convenient to Acadia.

  8. Barb P.

    Huge park with so much to see and do. 2 best things about this itinerary: information on the popovers and the location of the best VRBO ever! Thank you R-tinerary.

  9. Mari K.

    Amazing views throughout the park! The hikes recommended and the bike trails were great for our family. So many picture perfect stops by the water, foliage, trials and mountains. It was sure a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature.

  10. LD

    These plans are worth it for the information on ‘out of the way places’ to eat and stay. Bar Harbor has become a tourist mecca and we were able to escape the crowds while enjoying the area.

  11. Jenny W.

    A friend of mine used R-tinerary for her travel plans to Costa Rica. She loved them.
    I decided to try the plans to Acadia.
    So glad I did not use a travel agent.
    These are no-nonsense plans. We loved them.

  12. Taylor B.

    We had friends staying in the area, used this itinerary for the best place to meet them for dinner. Worked out great.

  13. Marcus S.

    Living on the east coast, we’ve got a ton of things to do, but what we were lacking are national parks. Maine’s Acadia changes that in the best way. Located on Mount Dessert Island, Acadia National Park lives up to its reputation as the crown jewel of the North East. My wife and I only had three days in the area and with these plans we were able to see a good portion of what the area has to offer. I will say this, we will be back.

  14. Leigh Slater

    We would never have known about Island Bike if not for these plans. Best bike shop around.

  15. Floence Henderson

    What a beautiful place. It was cloudy and misty part of our trip, but still worth it.

  16. ryan carder

    Love the “off the beaten track” lobster pot locations. I have never eaten so many lobsters!!

  17. Lisa Clark

    Visited at the beginning of October. Still crowed in Bar Harbor. The leaves were beautiful and the air was crisp. Restaurants were beginning to close for the season. Great trip.

  18. Tim Zelle

    Now that we have been there, I am so glad we did not stay in Bar Harbor. It is very busy and touristy. We did however visit the town for the day and it was fun. Loved staying 20 minutes away.

  19. Darlene B.

    Incredible trip, especially in the fall. Highly recommend.

  20. Rachel A.

    I highly recommend using these travel plans.

  21. Oliver T.

    I decided to try these travel plans (not much money to lose). I am so glad I did, I have since bought plans to Zion and Yellowstone. Can’t wait to try them.

  22. John E.

    So nice to have plans where someone has actually been.

  23. Sara Jones

    The accommodations where R-tinerary stayed were the best! I will use R-tinerary again just for that information.

  24. Steve and Lara P.

    Beautiful, historic and a great location for our anniversary trip.

  25. Joy and Mike Jensen

    We especially loved the lobster rolls at Charlotte’s. So nice to meet the owners father, such a gentleman.

  26. William

    These plans include where to stay, lobster places and hiking. Loved it all.

  27. Julie H.

    We are a middle-age couple who love outdoor activities, this was the perfect weekend away for us. We will use r-tinerary again.

  28. John H.

    We sailed to Bar Harbor on Royal Caribbean, so nice to have other options than the ships excursions.

  29. Raashid Husain

    Our family (of 5) used these plans for a weekend away. Worked out perfectly! We will go back, thanks.

  30. Andrew D.

    Been to Bar Harbor a number of times, great getting away from the crowds with these plans.

  31. David Yancy

    This may not be one of the top national parks I have been to, but its still enjoyable and offers a few great views. These plans include great “must” sees. We worth the money.

  32. Shauna W.

    Planning a family vacation is very difficult for us. This site gave us all the places to stay, where to eat and things to do. We loved it!

  33. Patricia A.

    Who needs a travel planner when it is all right here? Thank you R-tinerary!

  34. Kyle Green

    Restaurant recommendations were outstanding. Especially since there are many lobster pounds in the area. Nice to go to out of the way places.

  35. mgenard

    Exciting visit to a majestic and scenic national park. Got to see the sunrise and tour the areas in the park. Must see if you’re in the Bar Harbor area.

  36. Kaye Dotson

    Love these trip plans. Only wish I was able to be this active

  37. Bill E.

    Great views, strategic location. Highly recommend these plans.

  38. Igor H.

    Reliable, Dependable, Honest plans. No gimmicks. Not trying to sell anything. Seems to be the trip this gang really used. I will buy more plans from them.

  39. Geri Fulton

    Southwest Harbor is a quaint, true New England town. I had never heard of it until I saw these plans. Highly recommend the area.

  40. Dave K.

    I was traveling for business and looking for local spots to dine. Bought this itinerary are was not disappointed.

  41. Beatrice Turner

    Buying this itinerary was work it for the restaurant choices.

  42. Beth P.

    These plans worked out great for our week away from the kids. We will use more plans from this site.

  43. Brooks Henderson

    Wow, great off the beaten track restaurant information included with these plans.

  44. Jeff Stevens

    Great price even if you need only need a few ideas for your trip. We had planned most of our trip to Acadia, these plans helped us fill in the blanks.

  45. Lana and Earl

    These are good plans if you are looking to stay busy. We did enjoy the restaurant recommendations.

  46. J. Pertersen

    Great hiking recommendations, most were easy to medium in difficulty. Beautiful views along the pathways.

  47. Mel Croce

    Bar Harbor, Maine is our favorite vacation spot. This itinerary helped us explore new areas.

  48. Campbell T.

    I have been to Acadia before but never knew about some of the excursions included in these plans. Great!

  49. Lou L.

    Incredible place! The beauty is obvious so I will spare you the flowery details. The focus of this review is one word: Crowds. Bar Harbor is crazy-busy with the cruise ships entering the town. These plans get you away from all the crowds and into the beauty of the New England area.

  50. Gwen Harborson

    We had never stayed at a working lobster dock, so cool!

  51. Billy C.

    Best family vacation ever. My kids loved biking the carriage trails. We choose to ride a shorter route than the plans included. Will go back.

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