Beartooth Highway, “The Most Beautiful Drive in America”

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The Beartooth Highway is referred to as the “The most beautiful drive in America” and R-tinerary agrees.
From the sheer drops, to the glorious peaks reaching over 12,000 feet, to the distinct ecosystems, this southwest Montana and northwest Wyoming drive is breathtakingly beautiful.


This R-tinerary trip happened thanks to Charles Kuralt.  Sounds funny, but it’s true!  The late, CBS correspondent, Mr. Kuralt called US Route 212, better known as the Beartooth Highway, “The most beautiful drive in America” and R-tinerary agrees.  From the sheer drops to the glorious peaks reaching over 12,000 feet, to the distinct ecosystems, this southwest Montana and northwest Wyoming drive is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Beartooth Highway sits between Red Lodge, Montana and Cooke City, Montana.  And at the summit reaches 10,947 feet above sea level.  This 68-mile corridor is the highest paved elevation highway in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

R-tinerary has driven the magnificent miles from the quaint, historical town of Red Lodge to the indigenously wild Lamar Valley and then through the famous Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana.

Along with this excursion, hike to the deepest and largest lake in the Beartooth Mountains.  Then, visit Top of the World Resort.  And finally, look for animals in Lamar Valley,  referred to as the ‘American Serengeti’.

With these R-tinerary travel plans, we describe the best places to spot wildlife and where to take in the wonder of incredible peaks.  We recommend a trail to see a working hydroelectric dam surrounded by wilderness and provide locations for dining on regional foods.  Also, we provide you with unique local inns to frequent along the way.

This trip was a weekend getaway for a couple but would work really well for friends and family.

We have researched and tested this itinerary. We want our trip, to make your trip, fabulous!

9 reviews for Beartooth Highway, “The Most Beautiful Drive in America”

  1. Nick W.

    Incredibly beautiful scenery! Follow this itinerary, nice stops and views. Red Lodge is a quaint town and boasts a Harley-Davidson shop.

  2. Jodi S

    What an amazing get away! The road up the highway was just one hairpin curve after another, which is a little unnerving when you’re a passenger on the back of a motorcycle, but well worth the terror. Amazing views! The only roads we’ve ever driven that were better were in Northern Italy and Switzerland, so this was great! Not super crowded in late August, and great road surface. We loved the hikes included with the itinerary, too!

  3. Jennifer G.

    This itinerary is a great add on after spending time in Yellowstone. The views are fantastic! And Red Lodge is a welcome refuge after the Yellowstone crowds.

  4. sarah l.

    Montana is so beautiful, you can’t go wrong, even with uncooperative weather. It was so foggy when we went over the Beartooth Highway, we couldn’t see more than 100 yards much of the time and then it was snowing at the top. We have no idea what we missed, but will go back another time to see. The restaurant recommendations included in this itinerary were spot on.

  5. Gary R

    The Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, is 69 miles from Red Lodge,MT via the Beartooth Highway as this itinerary suggests driving. The Beartooth Highway reaches an elevation of 10,947 feet, at the summit of Beartooth Pass, in the Shoshone National Forest. The scenery is fantastically beautiful, while many miles of the of the mountain road, are terrifying, with nearly vertical drop-offs.

  6. Pascale S.

    Stunning views, but very windy at the summit. The road is not for the faint of heart.

  7. Don S.

    We’ve been to some amazing places in North America such as Grand Canyon, Redwood National Park, Torino BC etc. The Beartooth Highway is right up there with these other spectacular locations. The drive provides Postcard Views, white knuckle moments and humbling experiences. We used this itinerary and started the drive out of Red Lodge, Montana. It is a slow drive to the top with many spots to pull over and hike or take pictures. There are many switchbacks. It was neat to be at the top of the highway and have 10’ walls of snow right beside us. If you enjoy driving, outstanding scenery, some tense moments then this is the itinerary for you!

  8. Ellery Boreske

    R-tinerary included great restaurant choices with this itinerary. Made our trip so much fun and easy.

  9. Amanda Baldon

    What a view! So glad we took the time to drive this route. No concern about crowded areas. Go here and use these simple plans.

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