Colorado: Manitou Springs to Rocky Mountain National Park

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Colorado has one of the most unique and varied natural landscapes in the world; it’s a playground for discovery year-round.

R-tinerary explored Colorado’s fall beauty where hillsides were blanketed with aspens and creeks lined with cottonwoods shimmered gold and red.

We gawked in wonder at some of the 54 Rocky Mountain peaks rising over 14,000 feet seeming to rip from the earth.  And watched antelope on rolling grasslands of the plains.  We hiked through dense forests inhaling the distinctive and refreshing scent of spruce trees.  We listened to the sound of trout engulfing our flies.  And in a split second were close enough to touch a massive elk.  Also, along the way, we tasted some of the best margaritas.

This 10-day itinerary begins in Manitou Springs “named one of the coolest towns in the country.”  Hence, decide for yourself if the air really is thinner on top of a fourteen-er.  After that, sample an authentic margarita and marvel at a 700-ton red sandstone rock seemingly defying the law of physics as it balances on a sloped ledge.  And then watch as gliders soar through the air at one of the busiest VFR airfields in the world.

Then drive along miles and miles of rolling acres surrounded by the most 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado on the way to the mountain village of Beaver Creek.

Next hike through vivid gold and yellow Aspen groves.  Fly fish along the Colorado River catching rainbows and brown trout.  Mountain bike on single track trails and spend time at the spa.  Drive a dusty, bumpy, dirt road to perhaps one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado.  In addition, sit among locals while dining on a wild game dinner.

Drive America’s highest highway and one of the most beautiful drives in the world, which runs along the continental divide.  Listen as elk bugle all night long.  If you are lucky enough, watch as bull elks battle over a harem listening as their horns clash.  Finally watching as the smaller bull walks away in defeat.

This researched, tested and reliable R-tinerary guide provides specifics of our trip along with logistics, accommodations, activities, and dining opportunities.  Above all, our guide takes you from the heights of the purple mountains majesty of Pikes Peak described by Katharine Lee Bates in the song “America the Beautiful” along canyons carved by the Colorado River, you’ll be inspired by the magnificence of Colorado.

We have done the work, now you have the fun!


16 reviews for Colorado: Manitou Springs to Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. Jill Walters

    Best kept secret is Beaver Creek is its better in the summer.There are so many reasons to visit the Beaver Creek area. The summer is quieter by far than the winter. You get it all! Lots of outside activities, music of all types, jazz, symphony and international dance shows. And the weather is fantastic! Thanks rtinerary.

  2. Seth Stephens

    Really like the out of the way places R-tinerary travels to. Not the usual things you see on trip advisor. Traveled with family.

  3. Tammy Jackson

    The Rockies are always spectacular, especially fall like recommended with these plans. The Aspens are starting to turn yellow and the animals start to migrate down for the winter, so we saw lots of elk. The skies are just a incredible shade of blue and the air is crisp and clean. It’s a place everyone should visit at least once and bring your kids. I recommend fall because the temp is just right for hiking, biking and a campfire at night.

  4. Lea Sherman

    Stayed in the condos in BC that rtinerary advised. The atmosphere is family friendly and things are well marked. Flowers are everywhere; are meticulously cared for. Of course, prices are high ($6.50 for a dip of gelato) but that is resort pricing. Staff are helpful; friendly and there is a free shuttle service around ALL of the resort properties. The hikes recommended are great. Thanks

  5. Jeff Rieser

    We visited Rocky Mountain National Park in the Fall as rtinerary did. Absolutely gorgeous. Not crowded, but cool with warm sunshine. Perfect for hiking on the many trails to various lakes. You can also take a drive above the 11,500 alpine zone to see tundra, elk and the visitors center for panoramic views of the park.

  6. sarah and blake

    A wonderful experience driving through Rocky Mountain Park.
    The visitors center at the top has a wonderful view at 13,000 feet.
    Lovely scenery through out the park
    Thanks for the information, made our trip planning easy.

  7. Jean Williams

    Colorado is a wonderful place to visit. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to return. Loved the bike tour recommendation, margarita suggestions in Denver and the best location for elk. Plans include so many interesting to do and see. Also great restaurants recs.

  8. Mckenzi

    I must say traveling with a teenager isn’t always easy! We had a two week trip and these plans saved us!

  9. Jim Johnson

    There is a lot of driving time with these plans. But it is truly worth drivng up the mountain through the Rocky mountain park. It was amazing that we actually drove to the top. The sites are unbelievable. We even had an experience of an Elk running up the road behind us before heading into the woods.

  10. Rachel

    Our first time out in Colorado. We had to see the Rockies. WOW! Words can’t even justify this beauty! Still giving it 5 stars because of the view but restroom situation in RMNP for us were hard to take. It was basically “glamorized port a potty.” Basically put your phone away so you don’t drop it, you’ll never get it back.
    And this is a must for anyone bring Hand Sanitizer! There is no washing station inside or outside the restrooms.
    Now, Beaver Creek is a different story, very clean and neat, with beautiful views.
    Liked Manitou, too.
    The Rockies is a great place for children!

  11. Vivian Black

    Great travel plans, but be prepared to drive.

  12. Malory

    Beautiful trip. Beaver Creek is great area for shopping, spending time with the family. RMNP is incredible, scenic, full of elevation and life. Great trip plans for a family of 5.

  13. anonymous

    This trip is a must see for everyone in their lifetime. I have been to Colorado 4 times now and could go back every year. It’s a different experience each time. I always thought I was a beach girl, but the mountains have definitely stolen a piece of my heart. These plans made our 4th trip the best.

  14. Leah Stankus

    WOW. I went to the National Park in the off season and I would recommend this to everyone!! We didn’t have to wait in any lines or deal with large crowds (like most national parks in the summer). The National Park is probably one of my new favorites- we decided to hike to some of the lakes (dream, emerald etc) and it was beautiful. Can’t wait to go back in the future! Thanks

  15. Carol

    If you have never been to Colorado, get here! Always beautiful, and lots to do. If you’re a trail hiker its a dream come true, but be careful because some hikes rtinerary recommends are harder than others. Wear good shoes, have water, food etc. These plans are so great.

  16. Michelle

    This itinerary rocks. We so enjoyed the activities. The hikes were amazing, as was the bike downhill bike ride. It was a little chilly at the top, but it was a definite highlight of the trip. We also did see lots of Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a great trip!

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