Colorado: Manitou Springs to Rocky Mountain National Park



Colorado has one of the most unique and varied natural landscapes in the world; it’s a playground for discovery year-round.

R-tinerary explored Colorado’s fall beauty where hillsides were blanketed with aspens and creeks lined with cottonwoods shimmered gold and red.

We gawked in wonder at some of the 54 Rocky Mountain peaks rising over 14,000 feet seeming to rip from the earth.  And watched antelope on rolling grasslands of the plains.  We hiked through dense forests inhaling the distinctive and refreshing scent of spruce trees.  We listened to the sound of trout engulfing our flies.  And in a split second were close enough to touch a massive elk.  Also, along the way, we tasted some of the best margaritas.

This 10-day itinerary begins in Manitou Springs “named one of the coolest towns in the country.”  Hence, decide for yourself if the air really is thinner on top of a fourteen-er.  After that, sample an authentic margarita and marvel at a 700-ton red sandstone rock seemingly defying the law of physics as it balances on a sloped ledge.  And then watch as gliders soar through the air at one of the busiest VFR airfields in the world.

Then drive along miles and miles of rolling acres surrounded by the most 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado on the way to the mountain village of Beaver Creek.

Next hike through vivid gold and yellow Aspen groves.  Fly fish along the Colorado River catching rainbows and brown trout.  Mountain bike on single track trails and spend time at the spa.  Drive a dusty, bumpy, dirt road to perhaps one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado.  In addition, sit among locals while dining on a wild game dinner.

Drive America’s highest highway and one of the most beautiful drives in the world, which runs along the continental divide.  Listen as elk bugle all night long.  If you are lucky enough, watch as bull elks battle over a harem listening as their horns clash.  Finally watching as the smaller bull walks away in defeat.

This researched, tested and reliable R-tinerary guide provides specifics of our trip along with logistics, accommodations, activities, and dining opportunities.  Above all, our guide takes you from the heights of the purple mountains majesty of Pikes Peak described by Katharine Lee Bates in the song “America the Beautiful” along canyons carved by the Colorado River, you’ll be inspired by the magnificence of Colorado.

We have done the work, now you have the fun!



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