Lake Como, Piedmont & Cinque Terre, Italy, 15-Day Trip

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This travel itinerary will guide you from the beautiful shores and lovely villages of Lake Constance (The Bondensee) to the coastal region of Northern Italy with stops on Lake Como and in the Piedmont Wine Region. The trip starts in Munich and ends in Milan. It is a two week itinerary that can easily be adapted to different interests and activity levels. With this trip, you get the opportunity to experience different cultures, terrains, foods, wines, and adventures if you so choose.


This travel itinerary guides you from the beautiful shores and lovely villages of Lake Constance, Germany (The Bodensee) to the coastal region of Northern Italy, with stops on Lake Como and the Piedmont Wine Region.  The trip begins in Munich, Germany and ends in Milan, Italy.   With this trip, you have the opportunity to experience different cultures, terrains, foods, wines, and adventures.

Lake Constance is a 6km-long central European lake that borders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  This lake is anchored by resort towns and is a summer destination for sailing, windsurfing, and swimming.  Our guide includes information on biking picturesque Lake Constance.  And information on hiking trails in the Austrian Alps.  Also the names of wonderful restaurants, hotels, and a winery with a spectacular view of the area.  We provide directions for a lovely drive through Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein.  Along this route, stop at the capital city (Vaduz), in the tiny country of Lichtenstein on your way to Lake Como.  In addition, you have the opportunity to view the famous Roman Via Mala.

Once in Lake Como, we provide information on an amazing cooking class in Bellagio.  Here you are taught how to prepare authentic foods and enjoy dining on local Italian specialties.  Next, we include information on a half-day kayaking trip on Lake Como and hiking opportunities near the lake.  Also, a guided biking adventure around Lake Lugano in Switzerland.  The ferry system from one lovely town to another around this beautiful lake can be confusing and we help to simplify this confusion.

From Lake Como, drive south in Northern Italy to the Piedmont Region.  Surrounded on three sides by the Alps, the Piedmont Region borders France and Switzerland.  Piedmont is one of the great winegrowing regions of Italy.  And produces the prestigious wines Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as a Sparkling Asti.  Not only is this area a mecca for wine, but it is a food lover’s paradise, with its wide selection of cheeses, Piedmontese beef, pasta, and the world’s most prized white truffles.  R-tinerary includes options for an all-day biking trip through some of the area’s manicured vineyards with lunch and wine tasting at a small winery.  Also, the name of a guide and driver for an all-day food and winery tour through some of the ancient villages in the two main wine producing regions, the Langhe and the Monferrato.

We conclude this vacation guide, continuing further south in Northern Italy to the Italian Riviera.  Here we provide information on hiking in Portofino, as well as hiking through the villages of the Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre is a string of seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline that are centuries old.  These 5-towns are colorful homes and vineyards that actually cling to the steep mountainside terraces.  Local fishing boats fill the harbors.  Along with trattorias serving Ligurian region’s very famous pesto sauce and other local specialties.  Take a guided kayaking trip, an all-day sailing trip along the coastline and learn more about neighboring towns.  Also included is the name of the ‘boat and breakfast’ accommodation where we stayed.  Lastly, after your stay in the Cinque Terre, drive to Milan, where you will fly home.

R-tinerary has done the work by researching and traveling to these beautiful and very unique areas in southern Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy.  No need to be with a tour group where you are on the operators time frame and destination choices.  This fabulous vacation works without being part of a tour group!  If you want to get out and explore other cultures and their countrysides, this is just the trip for you.

9 reviews for Lake Como, Piedmont & Cinque Terre, Italy, 15-Day Trip

  1. Susie Bowden

    Lovely places to visit! Italy is amazing. We really enjoyed the plans and the places we
    visited. The foods and wines were to die for in the Piedmonte region. The biking was a bit challenging and we would probably not recommend doing that unless you are in great shape! Also Cinque Terre was way too crowded. Other than that we enjoyed the trip.

  2. Ellen Planter

    I totally fall in love with Italy. It is so scenic. It was drizzling and chilly when I visited, but it didn’t diminish my enjoyment. Can’t wait to go back.

  3. Evan Snow

    If you enjoy great scenery, some activity, fantastic food and wine, then you will love this trip… It was one of our favorite traveling experiences. We highly recommend it. We did it with our two college age children and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Kim Read

    Love the wine. Love the places to stay. Love the usual things to do. Love the food. Love Rtinerary.

  5. Barbara Wallace

    This was a special trip and one we couldn’t have done for our 25th wedding anniversary without this guide. Thank you

  6. Paul Sanchez

    A trip to Italy is a must in ones life time. The scenery, the food, the wine are beyond description and requires 1st hand experience. R-tinerary makes that happen in a simple, yet detailed itinerary. We love the layout and knowledge that they provided and the schedules are flexible so we were able to make adjustments that fit our needs. Lake Como, Tuscany, Cinque Terre were all wonderful and it really would take a lifetime to experience them all, but with a R-tinerary you get information that someone else has been before you to show you the highlights in a short period.
    We will take them along on our next journey!

  7. John Potter

    Didn’t see George Clooney, but had a blast! These are great travel plans. Who has time to plan all this stuff? Thanks!

  8. Peta J.

    Loved this trip, Rtinerary. I am glad we did not spend a lot of time in Cinque Terre, it was really crowded. Love how the plans are a great taste of Italy without a lot of tourist-y things.

  9. S. Beardsly

    Truly a lovely place. We enjoyed the food and wine tours you recommended. We are not bikers, so did not participate in that adventure, but not it was probably spectacular. Thanks for all the tips.

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