Slovenia and The Istrian Peninsula of Croatia

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Venture out of Italy into the beautiful countries of Slovenia and Croatia. Experience the charm, relic in the scenery, get outdoors and enjoy all both these European Countries have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!


Venture Out

Cross the border and venture out into the very lovely countries of Slovenia and Croatia.  Slovenia shares borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary. It is half the size of Switzerland, easy to get around, and shares similar scenery.  Slovenia is a country that has prospered. You will find the Slovenian people to be warm and friendly. And, Slovenia offers beautiful lakes, majestic mountains, flowing rivers, amazing wineries, and so much more.  Likewise the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia is known for it its medieval hilltop villages, beautiful coastline, and amazing foods and wines.

Slovenia’s Wine Country, the Julian Alps, and Lake Bled

This 8-day itinerary only touches a small portion of Slovenia.  Nevertheless, you will get to venture out to one of  three major wine regions.  Consequently getting to enjoy a sampling of their amazing wines and delectable dishes.  You will  also venture out into the Julian Alps. Drive the Vršič Pass in Triglav National Park. Next, you can do a little hiking while enjoying the spectacular beauty of these majestic mountains. Enjoy a traditional hiker’s lunch at one of the hiking huts along the way.  Afterwards, venture out and on to the storybook setting of the beautiful Lake Bled.  Then head to the less crowded and perhaps more beautiful Lake Bohinj.  And, the options for outdoor activities in these areas are endless in all seasons.


From the beauty of the Julian Alps and Slovenia’s enchanting lakes, you venture out to the capital city of Ljublijana for a quick touch of city life.  Granted, it is not a large city, but it is  does offer areas of charm.  Specifically, its old town district and a castle on the hill.  In addition, it  has lots of  restaurants, cafes, bridges and churches.  And their are many different tours offered in the city.

Croatia and Truffle Hunting

After a trip to the city, you will venture out and into the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia.  First, you go into the deep forest to hunt for white truffles with a truffle hunter and dogs.  Lastly, enjoy a fabulous lunch laced with the ‘oh so tasty’ truffles and wine.

Rovinj and the Adriatic

Rovinj becomes the next stopping point in your trip and what a stop it is!  Indeed, this is a charming and romantic walled city overlooking the Adriatic Sea.  Rovinj has winding cobblestone streets, pastel colored houses packed into the landscape, amazing seafood and views that will stay in your travel memories forever.  Due to its central location, it  is a great place to stay to explore Istria.

Trieste, Italy

The Italian City of Trieste is the next place you will venture out to on your journey. Trieste is a bustling port city that sits on a little strip of land between the Adriatic coast and  the border of Slovenia. The Austrian-Hungarian Empire is responsible for the building of much of Trieste.  Subsequently, it has a rather large influence here. It has its share of old churches, museums, Austrian coffeehouses, beautiful piazzas, and great seafood restaurants.

To End or Venture On

The trip can end back in Venice where it started, or you can continue to venture out with an extension of 8 more days into Italy.  This can be accomplished with the purchase of the newest Italy Itinerary that takes you into Venice, to the Dolomites, Lake Garda, Tuscany, and concludes in Rome.



4 reviews for Slovenia and The Istrian Peninsula of Croatia

  1. Helen Able

    We included these plans with R-tinerary’s plans to Italy. Didn’t follow these plans exactly, but pretty closely. Hugely helpful!

  2. Mary Downes

    Very great trip plans. Totally enjoyed Slovenia and Croatia. Especially enjoyed the truffle hunting.

  3. Julie Breck

    Enjoyed the wine region in Slovenia and Lake Bled for all it’s beauty. Rovinj was our favorite spot though.

  4. Sarah

    Loved Lake Bled and Rovinj. Must visit both of these charming places..

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