Upper Peninsula of Michigan; Sleeping Bear Dunes; Mackinac Island

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“Why visit the Upper Peninsula?”  People asked us this question.  Well, to be quite honest, we weren’t sure. We were drawn to explore this partially off-the-grid area of the country.  Untrammeled beauty, a land of “wonderful wilderness” is what we found in the Upper Peninsula.  We found white sand and driftwood dotting the lakeshores of crystal-clear turquoise water.  As well as heavily forested woodlands leading to dramatic waterfalls.  We found uncongested roads along with quaint, welcoming towns.  R-tinerary found the Upper Peninsula is an unspoiled place of solitude and wonderment not to be missed.

Our 9-day guide begins on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.  Enjoy the amazing taste of the Michigan cherries.  Climb sand dunes well above 100 feet high spying the ‘Big Lake’.  And enjoy local whitefish while watching sailboats meander across the bay.

Spend time on the ever-popular Mackinac Island where motorized vehicles are prohibited.  While strolling or biking along paths, learn why this island was important to fur trade and the American Revolutionary War.  Enjoy a delicious dinner overlooking Haldimand Bay.  Similarly, indulge in mouthwatering fudge.

Drive over the “Mighty Mac” spanning the Straits of Mackinac connecting the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan.  Here the land is dense with forests, the daylight stretches well past 10:00 PM and wildlife outnumber the population, by a lot!

Next, hike “Root Beer Falls” known for the color of the water cascading over a 50-foot drop.   And stay in a cozy log cabin overlooking the Carp River.

Kayak to colorful cliffs shaped by wind and water that continue to mold the shoreline of Lake Superior.  Taste the best pasties in the Upper Peninsula.  Furthermore, hike to a panoramic view of the vast, rugged forests of this beautiful part of the country.

Ride a ferry to a secluded island for a day of mountain biking.  While enjoying a white sandy beach, aquamarine waters and not a soul in sight.

Next, drive further northwest to an area of the Peninsula, which is truly off the grid.  Walk along 600-year-old pines, pick fresh thimbleberries savoring the tartness and relish the unobstructed view from Mount Baldy.

Lastly, climb the highest point of the Porkies before ending the trip in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It has been said, “Visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula once, and you will return”.  We agree!  For that reason, let our dependable guide; make your trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula fabulous.http://dagiulioinpelleria1.placeweb.sitehttp://dagiulioinpelleria1.placeweb.site

21 reviews for Upper Peninsula of Michigan; Sleeping Bear Dunes; Mackinac Island

  1. Melissa P.

    God’s Country! I have been going to the U.P. for a few years now. And still to this day it makes me feel so amazing! There is so much to do there and see. R-tinerary does a great job of seeing a lot of the UP in a relatively short period of time. If you love nature and lakes and just feeling relaxed, the U.P. is for you! Some people don’t like the bugs, but hey, you’re in the middle of the woods, so take bug spray. If you are too much of a city person, then this place is not for you. There is no place in the world I would rather spend my vacation. I hope to retire there someday!! I will be heading there in June again this year!

  2. Charlie S.

    Great Trip R-tinerary.

    There are people who do not know that there is a beautiful place up there in UP in Michigan. There are those that say that the place is weird. I would say it is peculiarly awesome. R-tinerary goes to a lot of places to see. Tahquamenon Falls, Mackinaw Bridge and Island are great places just to mention a few.

    Mackinaw Island is unique. You reach the place by boat and when you get there, there are only two types of transportation: the use of bicycles or huge horses or just walk or jog around.

    The community in the island has its own government and civic line agencies. There is post office, court house, etc. What is very interesting is that houses and offices look alike. You just have to be observant. The environment is likewise green and colorful. Green because of the bushes and colorful because of the flowering ornamental plants. I love the carriage ride pulled by handsome horses with intelligent and humorous tour guide as we went around to discover the wonder of the island. The shops are varied and prices of goods are reasonable.

  3. Misty

    R-tinerary trip was great except Mackinaw was a little expensive, but overall beautiful and memorable.
    The rest of this UP trip is where you can set the pace of having a peaceful, quiet time; or an energetic, active time. Historical and unique.

  4. Karen

    Such a pretty part of Michigan. Population is low. There are a lot of Mom and Pop type places R-tinerary found to stay and eat.

  5. Pradeep Kumar

    What a place. Upper peninsula in Michigan is a beauty. Drive, beaches, sun, dunes, food etc etc. it is the best place. Great job, rtinerary.

  6. Connie and Bob

    The UP is full of beautiful scenery, dense woods, lovely waterfalls, lighthouses, beaches, sand dunes, etc. It has it all! Lake Superior is truly a sight to behold. it’s hard to believe it is not the ocean. The drives along the wooded roads were lovely. The people are very friendly. We visited in fall and it was perfect. Shorts and a long sleeved shirt in the mornings and warmer in the middle of the day. No bugs!! We were worried about biting flies and mosquitoes and had no issues with them. We would never of done with trip without the rtinerary plans.

  7. Sundance000

    A true Michigander…born and raised…I feel we have one of most beautiful states! Its untouched beauty and peacefulness I hope will be preserved forever….
    Catch 22 I want everyone to enjoy how great the UP is, respect and keep it just the way it is. Copper Harbor although far is worth the trip. Pictured rock a must do also. And make sure you eat at the places rtinerary recommends, so worth it.

  8. Richard and Martha

    We visited the UP for 3-4 days, and had a wonderful time driving the backroads during peak Fall color. While there, we just had to find a pasty shop Rtinerary visited and have them for lunch. This is a copper and iron miner’s traditional food and is delicious. We tried to find as many waterfalls as we could for the time we had there and were glad we did. The hospitality of the UP was so gracious and welcoming. We love R-tinerary travel plans.

  9. Ashwini Tayshetye

    We went to chase northern lights around this area. We did not get to see those but the entire place is scenic and has beautiful fall colors around.
    Thanks rtinerary.

  10. Janet S.

    If you don’t like crowds, but like to drive, this trip is for you.

  11. Anita S.

    Beautiful weather, kayaking, biking and hiking was amazing. Food suggested was great! The hotels/ cabins/ motels suggested were clean and comfortable.

  12. Sue Danes

    Who could have imagined what a great trip this would been for my husband and I. We had a great time exploring the Upper Peninsula! It is so beautiful.

  13. Jana L

    We did the R-tinerary plans so we travelled across the UP. Beautiful scenery. Lots of parks, maritime museums, etc. we really enjoyed Pictured Rocks boat tour. Marquette is a fun town with lots to do.

  14. Kevin Timesly

    If you like remoteness and solitude, this could be the trip for you! It is quite remote in parts of the Upper Peninsula and we enjoyed that aspect tremendously! Also enjoyed our time on Mackinac Island. One night was plenty for us!

  15. Marylyn Kraus

    Some great finds in this itinerary! Had a great time biking and kayaking. Both were highlights of our vacation!

  16. Mark

    Too much driving for us., but the hotels and restaurants we did stay in were great. We enjoyed the activities as well.

  17. Tricia

    I was really shocked at how much we enjoyed this trip. My husband really wanted to do this trip and I was not, but my mind was changed. The Upper PC is beautiful and has many things that you should see.

  18. David S.

    We bought these plans before the Pandemic. So grateful we did. This trip provides plenty of social distancing (minus Mackinac Island) with the ability to explore less populated areas. If you have never been to the Upper Peninsula, buy these plans, they are really good.

  19. Wallace H.

    Most of this itinerary is surrounded by Lake Superior and is secluded from the rest of the world. There is nature everywhere you turn.

  20. HBW

    There’s almost nothing small about the Upper Peninsula. Lake Superior is the biggest of the Great Lakes. Tahquamenon Falls is one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. In square miles, the Upper Peninsula is bigger than Maryland. Its beauty is outsize. Thankfully, R-tinerary put together a fantastic itinerary for this incredible part of the US.

  21. B. D.

    Let’s start with the negative, since most don’t: A lot of driving through a lot of wilderness. But this was a positive for me and my family! This itinerary explored all regions of the UP. In fact, it gave us such a wonderful taste of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula we will go back.

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