U.S. Passport Service Guide provides links to detailed information about U.S. passports and applying for them, as well as links for helpful tips on expediting your passport, replacing it if it gets lost or stolen, as well as information of U.S. embassies and consulates in different countries.

Global Entry will expedite your entry back into the United States with no processing lines, no paperwork, access to expedited entry benefits in other countries, reduced wait times, TSA Pre Check/Eligibility (Available at major U.S. airports)

Tips for Surviving a Long Flight in Coach:
Bring along ear plugs or noise cancelling head phones, neck pillows (some are inflatable and easy to pack), sleep aid medications and drink plenty of water.  Wear compression socks, get up and move around during the flight, brush your teeth, or use a Colgate Wisp, and wear comfortable clothing. If you have long legs, choose a bulkhead row (less foot space, but more leg and knee room).  Bring your devices for entertainment or a book to read and be sure to charge all your devices before you leave.  Download movies, books, or favorite shows before you leave as well. Avoid alcohol and  heavy food and wipe down armrests, seat belt fasteners,  your tray table, etc. with sanitizing towels.  Add something like Airborne or Eboost for extra caution.  Remember to pack essentials like a toothbrush/toothpaste/make-up, chapstick, lotion, etc.,  and book you flight early so you might get lucky on your seat choice

Travel Packing Tips:

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Best & Worst Ways to Get Foreign Currency:

From WalletHub

They recommend you carry a no foreign fee credit card and no foreign fee debit card for the best exchange rates and to save the most on international charges.

The Best Places to Exchange Money:

Obtain a small amount of foreign currency at a local bank for immediately use upon arrival, take a credit card (preferably with no foreign transaction fees) and a debit card (with no foreign transaction fees). Use the credit card for major purchases or charges and use the debit card for all other purchases or needs. If possible use ATM’s that are inside a bank building (these are all over Europe, but not so common in some other countries). Always notify your bank or credit card company that you are traveling abroad and make copies of your credit cards. Also, keep a copy of the phone numbers to call if your credit cards are lost or stolen. Check with your bank (if it is a major US Bank), they might have partner banks in other countries that allow you to use the debit card to withdraw currency with no fees.

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