Time to go. What are you waiting for? Just do it!

Do it. Travel Now. Time is flying by.


TIME… Let’s face it, all of us are concerned about time; concerned about getting it all done, taking care of paying the bills, staying on top of everything at the office, participating in the lives of our loved ones, giving back to the communities in which we live, keeping up with our friends, exercising enough, and getting enough rest and relaxation (the ‘R&R’ we so often hear in contemporary media). If we are honest with ourselves, we know that somewhere, we are cutting corners, a shortcut here, a sick day there, letting the grass go that extra week, or putting off painting that trim on the house; because it’s impossible to get it all done, to maintain the juggle, to keep all the plates spinning on those pool cues!  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time.

But I want to bring your attention to another element with regard to time.

My exposure to first class travel experiences did not occur until I was in my 40’s. Prior to 2001, my vacation experiences were limited by time and money.  Usually, they ended up depending on how far I could drive with a boat in tow. If I flew for vacation, it was to Colorado to go snow skiing. The time I was able to take off was generally limited to a week maximum, and more often than not, long weekends. Most likely it would be a condo rental for a week in New Smyrna Beach or a week down in the Florida Keys to fish and lobster.

But that all changed in 2001 because in that year, I stumbled my way into an awards trip with my employer that took me to Cancun and the Ritz Carlton.  Prior to that, I had only traveled to a foreign nation once previously and that was to Great Britain in 1985.  As you can imagine, the trip to Cancun was splendid for us.  We saw the beautiful beach, took in the poolside service in this magnificent setting at the Ritz.  And we even went with friends in a rental jeep off the beaten path,  where we were able to see the good, bad and yes the ugly of Cancun.

But that trip was an awakening for Denise and I. In no time, another year had gone by and I was fortunate to have been awarded another trip from my employer. This time the awards trip was to Banff, Canada. Denise and the wife of a co-worker who was also going on the trip, decided to do an ‘add on’ to the trip. We went up to the Canadian Rockies a few days ahead of the official trip.  Here we went skiing,  did some snow-shoeing and visited some other places in the area.  Once again,  it was a spectacular experience in a beautiful winter wonderland.

Another year went by and this time the awards trip with my employer was to Maui in Hawaii. Again, I was fortunate enough to have earned a spot to go on that trip. This time, as had been the case the previous year, Denise planned some additional time prior to going to Maui. She made plans for us to stopover in San Francisco.  Here we took in some sites in San Francisco and made a trip to the Napa Valley Wine Country. The whole experience was fantastic and the range and scope of the trip was so diverse.  So much so, that when I returned home, it felt like I had been gone for 2 months, not 1-1/2 weeks!

That was back in 2003.

It is now 2018. Time has marched on.  We have made many trips since that first trip in 2001.  And it seems that each trip eclipses the enjoyment, relaxation, and respite from work that the prior year’s trip provided. This all started for us in our late 40’s.  And yes, time flies and we are now rapidly approaching the benchmark age of 60. And while 60 might be the 40 of yesteryear, I am not counting on anything.  For you see, I have witnessed far too many people endure hardships that hinder their ability to do what they had planned to do later in life.  Whether it be their health, or that of a loved one.  Perhaps a setback with their finances, or some type of impact on leisure time from their employer; all of these factors can come into play.  None of us knows what the future holds for either ourselves or those who are important to us.

So what are you waiting on? Whether you are 35 or you are 75, if you can do it now, then do it. Step out, go for it. You might be thinking “I’ll go to Europe after I retire” or “I’ll do more hiking in the Canadian Rockies when I have more time”.  Maybe “I’ll bike the waterfront in downtown Vancouver next year when I get this special project at work finished”….

My friends, time is a wasting, travel now, enjoy life now, see the world now.

Just remember, that trip in 2001 that I spoke of earlier? Well, that trip was 17 years ago now… That eye-opening experience of 2003, 15 years ago now.

If you have been reluctant to travel, for whatever the reason, I hope that 2018 will be the year you decide to go for it. There’s no time like now to enjoy all that travel has to offer. R-tinerary.com can take the work out of the experience.

I’m going to lift a quote I just saw on the internet:

“People wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, all their life for Happiness… Don’t wait!”

Just do it!

For help making that happen, check out our trips on R-tinerary.com.


2 thoughts on “Time to go. What are you waiting for? Just do it!

  1. Amen, time marches on whether or not we like it and we need to make memories now. We have many wonderful memories with you and Denise and are so excited for the future as we embark on the trips we desire to take and make the memories that no one can take away.

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