March Madness and Vacation Planning/It’s not too late to Start Planning!

 March Madness and Vacation Planning

For many of you, March Madness is all about your favorite basketball team and the NCAA final four championship games.  Having been a student at the University of Florida when basketball and football were only mediocre (my first football season at UF, the Gators were 0-10-1! That dates me, I know!)  March Madness has a different meaning for me… Vacation Planning!

Yes, it is totally unrelated to college sports… It is all about vacation planning… With only 2 months before summer break, there is little time left to do all the planning needed to ensure a fantastic vacation this summer.

There are deadlines to meet in making airline reservations, arranging rental cars, and booking vacation rentals or hotels. But, even before that, there is research to do (endless hours on the computer) searching for where to go and what to do.  Additionally, planners must find the best way to get from place to place and, of course, what excursions to embark on.

For many travelers, these are things left to a travel agent, to another friend or family member, or perhaps book an all-inclusive tour or cruise….  Why one may ask?  Well… the actual vacation planning is not something everyone enjoys doing.  Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to map everything out.

Over the past few years, I have discovered that doing the research and planning unique excursions is really something I enjoy.  I love searching for new places to visit, new paths to hike, new trails to bike, new waters to dive into.  Moreover, I enjoy the challenge that goes along with planning.  I am fairly certain this is something my mother passed along to me.  Over the last ten years, I have planned trips to Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada.  In addition; I have planned trips to Italy, Germany, Austria, England, and France.

In addition to places abroad, I have researched and organized trips to some great places here in the United States. These include trips to Hawaii, Chicago, New York City, and Napa Valley.  Also, San Diego, Glacier National Park, and Seattle. These coupled with places in my home state of Florida for out-of-state friends and family.

March is coming to a close…. The Madness is coming to an end…. Do you have your next vacation planned?  If not, there is still time…

Check out for your next vacation plans.  We have done the work for you….All You Have To Do Is Enjoy!


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