Vacations: Psychologists say one thing…..I say another


Every year medical doctors post articles, publish journals and provide the same research presented prior concerning the importance of vacations.  Yes, we know, vacations can reduce stress, can prevent heart disease, can improve productivity and so forth.

I am sure all of this is true.

But as a casual, want-to-go-more vacationer, I have found that vacations provide much more than what the doctors opine.  You see, I am not, nor will I ever be a medical doctor, but like the commercial says: I have stayed at a Holiday Inn!

I have found vacations allow me to reconnect with myself, my spouse and my God. Yep, that’s what I said.  Time away gives me a chance to refresh, reawaken and revive things I hold dearly.  It’s sort of a reboot if you will.  The distractions and chaos of the world are not important when on vacation.  The constant noise of the media and others is replaced with casual conversation, maybe even no conversation. Listening to the noise our world really makes: water spilling over a waterfall, the crunch of old leaves underfoot, the wind whistling along a beach, the quiet stillness of a cave, or the wildlife waking with the morning sun.

Vacation allows me to disconnect from sources attempting to tell me how to think, what to believe, what to care about.  Vacation allows me to get back to basics.  To remind myself that, yes, I am capable of making intelligent decisions without being held to someone else’s standards.

Vacations allow me to actually meet people.  Not social media “friends”,  but people. Nice people.  People I have more in common with than not. They usually don’t look like me, but they are the same as me.  Hardworking, honest, loving, and (for the most part) kind people.

So let the medical professionals promote theories, but take a vacation, get back to basics.  If I were a betting person, I would say you (like me) will reap more than a better check up.

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