Why Use R-Tinerary

Why Use R-tinerary?

John Harrison

First of all, thank you to our loyal clients and followers of r-tinerary.com. We could not do what we do without your support.

For those of you who might be first time visitors to our site, or have not visited us in a while, you will notice that it has been a long time since we posted our last major trip. Well, one need only look as far as this morning’s news to understand why: Covid-19 Virus/Pandemic. It is hard to put together the major trips without the benefit of the airlines and the pandemic obviously put the kibosh on that type of travel.

So back to the title of the article: Why use r-tinerary.com? Anyone can go on the internet, google up a destination and then put together a trip itinerary…. Or can you? Virtually every Google search will turn up a plethora of things to do, sites to see, places to experience…. But for most of us, you have limited time & funds with which to travel. How do you choose what things to do? What attractions are worth it and which ones are a bust?

Let me give you a case in point from a recent trip to Idaho.

After arrival and spending the night in a medium sized South Idaho town, we set out on our journey the following day. Our first stop was scheduled to be a natural geologic site and I will admit to being quite excited about it as it sounded like it had potential to rival our experience in Canmore, Canada. The only problem was, we could not actually find it. We knew generally where it was. But it did not appear on the Vehicle’s GPS map. And, as luck would have it, we had no cell signal. So we could not call nor go to the website about the place; we were miles and miles from cell signal. We even stopped and asked some locals, but even they didn’t know…. Interestingly, many people in Idaho are relatively new residents from California as we discovered.

In driving around looking for it, we found what appeared to be a similar geologic site. Or at least it appeared so from the roadside signage. The roadside signage even went so far as to proclaim ‘known by some as The Smithsonian of the West’. With that, how could we not ‘give it a try’?! And so, with curiosity sprinkled with a hint of skepticism, we drove down a lonely looking, dusty 2 rut trail. Through the rock and sage brush to a run down, junk littered area that was supposedly both an animal sanctuary and a geology site. What a combo!

And with that, we ambled toward the ‘Office’ that was the holder of artifacts from some Idahoan’s world travels and who was the discoverer of the geologic formation which was our intention to experience; the attraction’s ‘Office’ and the house behind it looked like something out of the Great Depression, akin to the roadside tourist traps of Florida. It was awful. We walked in and lo and behold, the place was loaded literally ‘to the gills’ with all manner of dusty trinkets, old memorabilia and taxidermy that was woefully deteriorated.

All of this, way out here in the damnable, forlorn, arid scrub of Idaho! The attendant who apparently lived on premises was not real engaging and was definitely not ‘selling’ us on seeing the geologic wonder, he seemed ambivalent at best. So, given the hefty price tag of admission, some $20 a piece, we declined and left. It was the best decline of the whole trip, or so it seemed to me.

And therein lies the value of R-tinerary…. You have limited time, and if you’re like us, you want to be good stewards of your funds… So as we say, “we do the work, you have the fun.”

Check out our itinerary for Idaho!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me why I have so much luck with Rtinerary! You all are the best! Great places to travel, exciting and often once in a lifetime excursions and always on par with restaurant information. Looking forward to purchasing my next itinerary from Rtinerary!

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